30 August - 1 September, 2019


Who should Participate

Manufacturers, Suppliers, distributors or Coffee, Tea and Drinks
  • Coffee brewer / espresso machine /Coffee percolators
  • Coffee roasters, grinders and blender
  • Mixer / ingredients as syrup, cocoa powder, sugar, sweetener, syrups, milk, creamer, spices, flavor, chocolate, sauces and etc.
  • Accessories as ceramic/paper cups, coffee dripper. milk frother, coffee decanter, Filter, straw/ napkin dispenser
  • Packaging: coffee bag, teabag, coffee filter paper
  • Instant coffee, mixed coffee, healthy drink coffee and etc.
  • Tea and accessory as tea leaf/powder, tea pot, herb tea, instant tea, bubber tea
  • Other drink as juice, herb drink, chocolate, mineral water, cocoa, soft drink, mocktail, energy drink, smoothly and etc.
  • Deserts, snacks
  • Coffee training academy, barista training academy
  • Baking machine, mixer/pastry blender, ovens, stove, Tunnel oven, rotary oven, convention oven, proofer, fermentation technology, steamer
  • Refrigerator system, freezer, display chillerli>
  • Accessories: baking sheet, cake decoration, kitchen equipment, measuring, pastry accessory, storage, scales, spatula, thermometer and etc.
  • Ingredients: powder, sugar, butter/cheese, milk, whipping cream, egg, food coloring, food scent and etc.
  • Packaging, container and storage box
Ice cream
  • Mix machine / Gelato / Soft serve machine, freezer, blast freezer
  • Accessory and Ingredients: milk, sugar, dried / fresh / frozen fruits, topping, seasoning, sweet sauce, container, scoop, cone and etc.